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Points Standing

Garvey Stock 350 Class Bad Clam: 1,500 pts Pied Piper: 815 pts

Ski Boats Modified Lethal Weapon: 400 pts Scrap Money: 800 pts

Skiff 283 & 305 Class Angry American: 1,100 pts Sea Monkey: 1,475 pts

Skiff 350 Class Orangasm: 1,600 pts No Choice: 80 pts Turning Point: 870 pts

Mini Boat 16-18 yrs Class Just Peachy: 800 pts Little Hostile: 800 pts

Mini Boat 18+ Class N/A

Please note that while all currently racing boats are "collecting" points, if a Day Boat fails to become a full member by the end of the season, their points are wiped and do not count towards overall standing. 

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